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Expert Consultation: Tailored Advice

Weddings are intricate tapestries woven from countless threads of choice and tradition. Consultative Guidance is your personalised, well, “guidance system” to navigate through it. A service designed for couples seeking personalised advice and insights to help sculpt their wedding vision. An intimate conversion during which we offer a balanced blend of professional wisdom and personalised recommendations.

What is a Consultative Guidance ?

A Focused, Informative Session

Weddings are an intricate dance of numerous elements, requiring keen insights and tailored solutions. Our Consultative Guidance is designed as an intimate session, offering expert advice specifically honed to your needs. Consultative Guidance is your personalised, well, “guidance system” to navigate through wedding planning choices and questionning.
Whether you need assistance with vendor selection, aesthetic choices, or even the legal aspects of hosting a wedding in France or Italy, we have you covered.

A Flexible Hands-On Approach

Intimate Consultation: Our tête-à-têtes are where your dream wedding takes shape, one discerning conversation at a time.
Follow-Up: Receive a detailed summary featuring actionable steps and individualised advice tailored to your needs.


Our service is highly adaptable, offering multiple avenues for you to gain professional insights:
Hourly Virtual Consultations: Specific, targeted advice on a per-hour basis. Imagine it as a private seminar, except you’re the only student, and the topic is your dream wedding.
Ad Hoc Topic-Based Discussions: Need to discuss budgeting or vendor choices? We have you covered.
Flexible Scheduling: Ideal for couples looking for advice on an as-needed basis. Because inspiration strikes without warning, and so do questions.

A Clear Value-Driven Structure

  • 1 hour: €150
  • 2 hours: €280
  • Bundled 6-hour Special: €750
  • Comprehensive 10-hour Package: €1100


We know that every couple has unique concerns and questions. As an added value, we offer relevant ressources related to the topic discussed during each consultation. From personalised budget spreadsheets to curated lists of questions for venue scouting, we aim to provide actionable tools that will make your wedding planning smoother.


Your wedding is an emotional milestone as much as it is a logistical feat. With Giacomelli Weddings, each consultation is not just a transaction, but a meaningful interaction designed to bring your vision to life. From the first session to the final follow-up, we are committed to providing a consultative experience that combines professional expertise with a personal touch.

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