Giacomelli Weddings plans weddings in France and weddings in Italy for international couple

Giacomelli Weddings

Embark on a journey towards life’s most cherished milestone, orchestrated with timeless elegance and heartfelt warmth. Whether you’re dreaming of the romantic landscapes of France or the sun-drenched allure of Italy, let Giacomelli Weddings turn your vision into a harmonious reality.

Our Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Love Story

At Giacomelli Weddings, we believe that each couple has a unique story to tell and a unique way to celebrate their love. We offer three distinct services to cater to your individual needs, from start to finish.

Curated Planning

Reimagine your wedding planning experience with our Curated Planning service. It merges structured guidance with ample flexibility, enabling you to select every minute detail of your celebration. Consider this your customised compass for navigating the complex landscape of matrimony.

Consultative Guidance

Even the most organised couples may find the wedding planning labyrinth daunting. Our Consultative Guidance service is your specialised reservoir of advice, offering targeted solutions to your unique challenges. Perfect for those who seek professional insight at key moments, without requiring an end-to-end package.

Ceremony Celebrancy

The cornerstone of any wedding is the ceremony itself. That’s why Giacomelli Weddings extends its offerings to include Ceremony Celebrancy. Working closely with you, I create a ceremony that not only embodies your unique love story but also transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries, touching the hearts of all your guests.

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