Getting Married in Italy

Getting Married in Italy: A Comprehensive Guide to Destination Weddings in Italy with Giacomelli Weddings

Getting married in Italy offers many possibilities. You can choose to have a legally binding ceremony, a religious wedding or even a symbolic celebration. Experience the Dolce Vita lifestyle in the dream destinations Italy has to offer: the romantic shores of Lake Como, historical Venice, cosmopolitan Milan, the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany and many more ! 
Italy is the perfect location where romance, charm and authenticity combine to create a magical atmosphere, ideal to celebrate a wedding. 
As a bilingual wedding planner with a heritage deeply rooted in Italy, particularly in Tuscany, I bring to the table not just expertise but a personal touch. I understand both the French and Italian cultures, languages, and the intricate formalities of wedding planning in both nations. Your wedding in Italy will be as authentic as it is spectacular.

Embark on a Journey of Love in Italy, the Land of Romance

Picture your wedding in a landscape kissed by the sun, enveloped in the rich cultural traditions Italy is famous for.

Italy, with its endless possibilities for nuptial celebrations, is the epitome of romance for destination weddings. 

Whether you envision an official ceremony, a spiritual union, or a symbolic celebration tailored just for you, Italy offers a versatile canvas to paint your love story to the sound of La Dolce Vita lifestyle—sweet, slow-paced, and absolutely divine.

A Palette of Wedding Possibilities: Civil, Religious, or Symbolic?

Civil Ceremonies: Embrace the Official Aura

Civil weddings are a blend of legality and tradition, usually held in historic town halls or pre-approved private venues.. Each Italian town hall has its own specifics, so initial research is crucial. Other than that, wedding paperwork in Italy is straightforward, especially when you have expert guidance to help you handle  the essential paperwork like the Nulla Osta, an important document which effectively says, “You’re good to go! ».

Note on costs: While civil ceremonies can start at around €600 for foreigners, don’t be surprised if renowned town halls bill you up to €15,000. For those who don’t speak Italian, a translator is indispensable. As your planner, I can serve in this role during your civil or religious ceremony, adding both linguistic and cultural harmony to your special day.

Pro Tip: The Nulla Osta is indispensable for international couples. This document certifies there are no legal impediments to your marriage. Start your paperwork at least four months in advance.

Did you know ? The civil wedding can also be held during the religious ceremony, this is known in Italy as the “Concordat Marriage ».

Religious Weddings: A Union Blessed by the Divine

Italy, steeped in religious heritage, provides a wealth of magnificent churches and sacred spaces to sanctify your union. Beyond the aesthetic grandeur, religious ceremonies offer a profound spiritual dimension, making your vows resonate on a celestial level. It is advised to commence preparations a year ahead due to stringent church administration procedures.

Navigating Faith: Whether it’s a Catholic ceremony in an ancient basilica or a more contemporary service, Italy offers religious venues to match your faith and style.

Symbolic Ceremonies: A Reflection of Your Personal Beliefs

Sometimes the best wedding is the one where you can throw the rulebook out the window. The beauty of symbolic ceremonies lies in their adaptability. Every element can be custom-designed to mirror your values and philosophy, allowing you to express your love in the most genuine way.

Make your “I dos” as authentic as your love story !

For specialised ceremony services, please visit our Ceremony Celebrant page.
For further questions about wedding ceremonies in Italy, our Consultative Guidance service is here for you !

Your planner can offer comprehensive guidance in overcoming language barriers, handling the paperwork, and liaising with vendors to ensure a stress-free planning process. Whether it’s translations at your ceremony or finding the perfect Italian vendors, your dream is my mission.


As I am deeply immersed in both French and Italian cultures, my planning style is a fusion of French finesse and Italian warm hospitality. Being fluent in both languages means a smooth planning process, free from cultural or linguistic misunderstandings.

Personal Touch: Consider incorporating local Italian customs for an authentic flair!

Enchanting Italian Destinations for weddings: My Italian Favorites

For me, Tuscany is where the heart is, particularly around Florence and Montecatini, where my family is from. The vineyards and olive groves serve as poetic backdrops, imbued with a rustic charm that’s quintessentially Italian. Beyond that, Rome and its surrounding areas are a treasure trove of magnificent venues, some hidden just an hour away from the bustling capital. For those enamored by the northern regions, Cinque Terre, Venice, Milan, and the Lakes area offer idyllic settings for saying, “I do. »

The Tuscan Experience

Tuscany, with its undulating hills and verdant landscapes, is a favorite, especially around historical gems like Florence, Lucca, and Siena. The region offers vineyards and ancient villas, epitomising rustic Italian elegance.

Roman Holiday

If your idea of romance involves the Eternal City, venues in Rome and its outskirts can be more diverse than you’d think. From Renaissance palaces to modern lofts overlooking ancient ruins, Rome caters to every taste.

The North: Beyond Milan and Venice

Northern Italy, extending from the dramatic Cinque Terre to the tranquil Lakes region, offers a different yet equally entrancing backdrop. Whether it’s a wedding on the shores of Lake Como or amidst the Venetian canals, the choices are captivating. 

A Presto! Your Next Steps in Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy

So, if your heart is set on a destination wedding in Italy, let’s talk. Contact me to discuss your visions and aspirations for this monumental day in your life. I’m not just here to plan your wedding; I’m here to make it an unforgettable experience—authentically Italian and authentically you.

Thank you for considering Giacomelli Weddings for this significant chapter in your life. Through the lens of timeless elegance, heartfelt warmth, and sincere appreciation, let’s create an experience that will forever be etched in your memories. Until we meet, a presto!

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