It all starts about 18 months before the wedding. First contact with Laetitia… then no more news. Our bride and groom to be have become parents! But our energetic bride is soon back in the wedding planning business. And so we set off in search of a venue in Provence to celebrate their union. The bride and groom wanted to spread out the festivities over several days with the civil wedding in Marseille on Friday, the symbolic ceremony the next day and finish in style with a pool party brunch. 

        The year has gone by so quickly and summer time arrived. So we headed to Marseilles to celebrate the civil ceremony which was followed by a cocktail party held on the terrace of a luxury hotel in Marseilles, with a view of the « bonne mère » (the Virgin Marie statue). The couple arrived in a Jeep, their personal treat, for a rock’n’roll entrance! Lounge atmosphere and jazzy music where the backdrop of this moment of sharing and joy. The day ended early because the next one promised to be rich in emotions… 

        Heading to Aix-en-Provence now. The wedding venue selected by the couple was a real coup de coeur. The sun was shining and we were able to enjoy the outdoors all day long. We worked hand in hand with Emily, the florist, ans all the vendors to create our bride and groom’s dream wedding. She created a breathtaking floral atmosphere for this sumptuous wedding in Provence and all the little details were managed with the help of wedding team and vendors for a real WOW effect! A special thank you to the rental companies for the decoration accessories and their help with the set-up. 

        As often, the day began with the bride, groom and their closed ones getting ready in a splendid mood while waiting for the first guests to appear. The clock is ticking and it is time for me to head to my celebrant desk to switch from wedding planner to ceremony celebrant. I left the logistics in the good hands of my assistant, the discreet and talented Coline. What an honour it is to be part of such an intimate moment. What a joy to see the bride and groom and their guests go from laughter to tears (of joy of course). Here they are symbolically united in the presence of their families and loved ones. What a day!

        From one garden to the other, the cocktail is served for everyone to enjoy a fresh drink. Which, in this hot month of August, all guest were eagerly waiting for, and vendors to let’s admit it. What a fun atmosphere thanks to Benjamin, our super DJ accompanied by his exceptional singer Faby. The groom’s surprise speech full of humour made the whole assembly laugh and was a perfect transition to invite everyone to head to the terrace for dinner. Once again, the floral arrangements and decoration of this sumptuous wedding stunned the guests! 

        The evening went on with lots of laughter and emotion, which can be seen in the images of our talented photographer, and the time for the ball opening quickly arrived. It is time for us to get some rest and leave the DJ Benjamin to manage the night and to set the dancefloor on fire until the sun rises. Because tomorrow a last highlight awaits us: a pool party to close this exceptional weekend! 

        Photo credits: Sylvain Bouzat