During a holiday break in Lyon, they went for a walk in the Beaujolais and fell under the charm of the Château de Bagnols. We get it ! It is so beautiful. Back home, they decided to book the venue and to plan their French chateau wedding. To ensure a perfect day with a French touch, they reached out to Giacomelli Weddings & Events to assist with the wedding planning. The help of a wedding planner can be invaluable when planning a destination wedding, especially when facing language barriers and jetlag issues. 

        For several months we have created a sumptuous reception and it was so amazing seeing it come to life. The wedding being in May we had of coursed a plan B just in case and that day it served us well! The sun was playing hide and seek. We had installed all the guests at the ceremony and when it was time to launch the procession, a storm suddenly broke out. We had to get back in urgently: the guests, the musicians, the technical equipment, the arch… Thanks to a team of exceptional vendors, a few minutes later the ceremony could resume its course in the sumptuous Salle des Gardes of the Castle. The schedule was not even delayed ! 

        From getting ready to cake cutting, the day was full of love, laughter, tears, joy and surprises! One of the grooms trained for weeks to give a song to his beloved! Some of the guests were also singers, so they sang and livened up the evening with the complicity of the band. 

        Photo credit: L’As de Coeur


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