Getting married abroad?

        A dream for adventurers and globetrotters, but also for all those who have a strong connection to a specific destination. Getting married in France, Italy, Switzerland, or at the end of the world... Nothing is impossible! If you wish to plan a destination wedding, I am by your side to organise a bespoke wedding in France, in Italy and beyond.

        Destination wedding in France: an infinite variety of landscapes

        France is a country of great charm and elegance and has seduced me since the moment I arrived. That is why I made it my home country. Now based in Lyon I have created an extensive network of partners in the Rhône-Alpes region, the perfect destination for an unforgettable wedding around the sublime lakes of Savoie or in the Beaujolais vineyards.

        That being said, Giacomelli weddings travels all over France with the brides and grooms of the agency! In Reims and the Champagne region, Angers and the Loire Valley or in the South of France with the beautiful Provence and famous Riviera, France is full of surprising landscapes and architectural wonders that can be considered for a destination wedding in France. With this rich variety in terms of natural, architectural and cultural heritage, it makes no wonder that France is one of the most coveted countries for a romantic wedding! Thanks to my network of top wedding vendors, I can recommend sumptuous and unique venues all over France.

        Destination wedding: a romantic wedding in Italy

        J Getting married in Italy offers many possibilities. You can choose to have a legally binding ceremony, a religious wedding or a symbolic ceremony. Experience the Dolce Vita lifestyle in the dream destinations Italy has to offer: Venice, Lake Como, or the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany! Italy is the perfect location where romance, charm and authenticity combine to create a magical atmosphere, ideal to celebrate a wedding.

        The plus side when getting married in Italy with Giacomelli Weddings? You probably guessed it, but I’m also Italian! In addition to the network of extraordinary vendors that I have built on site, the knowledge of the country, the language and the culture, allow me to easily organise an Italian wedding. This is why it came quite naturally to specialize in destination weddings in Italy!

        Breathtaking landscapes for a destination wedding in Switzerland.

        Destination wedding in Switzerland

        I specialised in destination weddings in Switzerland a little later on. For linguistic affinities and geographical proximity of course. But mostly because my first mission as a wedding planner took place in the heart of the Vaud region! Thanks to my first bride and groom I have experience a unique adventure and discovered the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland, which offer the perfect setting for a wedding.

        Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux offer a spectacular view of Lake Geneva, bringing a grandiose touch to your special day. There is also the Natural Park of the Vaud Jura region with breathtaking green and hilly landscapes that cannot leave you, or your guests, indifferent!

        Elopement in France, Italy or Switzerland

        What about a romantic elopement?

        My experience and network of partners have allowed me to specialize in high-end weddings and to plan luxurious ceremonies, but it also allows me to assist when you wish to plan an elopement. But what is an elopement exactly ?

        The term refers to verb To Elope, which literally means to run away. There was a time when this term was used to refer to a marriage that was not desired by the family. The bride and groom were then forced to elope to marry in secret. While today, you do not have to be in a feud with you family (rest assured), it still is a very romantic and intimate way to get wed. A moment fully dedicated to the couple, just for the two of you. So if you are tempted by a romantic elopement on the other side of the world, contact me and we will make your dream getaway come true !

        FAQ. Destination wedding

        How did you choose you destinations?

        Which are your favourite italian destinations ?

        Which are your favourite French destinations ?

        What about the rest of the world ?

        how do you manage with all this travelling ?

        By affinity! I am half French and half Italian thanks to my parents. Even if I currently live in France, I am always happy to bring couples from all over the world to discover the beauties of Italy. My wedding planning agency is based in Lyon but that goes not prevent me from taking my couples all over France for a wedding in Provence or a ceremony in the Loire Valley. There are so many beautiful destinations it is quite hard to choose one !