What is a symbolic ceremony?

        The symbolic ceremony has emerged in France and Italy in the recent years and is inspired by the outdoors ceremony seen in the United States. The symbolic ceremony is the highlight of your wedding day, but is neither a religious nor a legally binding ceremony: you do not marry in front of God or a State. Instead, you make a promise to your better half in front of all your loved ones, gathered on this special day to be the witnesses of your union.

        The symbolic ceremony is the soul of marriage, and a moment of great emotion. The location, the decoration, the timeline can all be customized by the brides and grooms to create a ceremony that is unique, just like them. You will never see two identical symbolic ceremonies: music selection, touches of poetry, a traditional ring exchange or a ceremony ritual of your choosing… everything is possible when it comes to creating a symbolic ceremony !

        What is the purpose of this ceremony? To place the spotlight on your love for each other, in front of your loved ones, and all the people gathered at your wedding! That is why the symbolic ceremony can also be called a commitment ceremony.

        The biggest advantage of the symbolic ceremony is without a doubt the freedom it offers: it is accessible to all couples, it is the perfect moment to express your feelings outside of all conventions. A great opportunity for the brides and grooms to express sincere and authentic vows!

        The symbolic ceremony is a time dedicated to your couple, tailor-made to celebrate your love. Fully personalized, the symbolic ceremony offers moments of intense emotion: a time to look back at all the moments of tears and laughter you have shared with you better half and to look forward to all the beautiful moments to come !

        Also, the symbolic ceremony is a perfect moment to share, so feel free to involve your guests to create a lively and festive ceremony. Your loved ones will have a chance to express themselves through speeches than can be as fun as they can be moving.

        Last but not least, whether you want to plan a ceremony in France, Italy, or Switzerland, everything is possible: a romantic wedding on the beach, a country-style ceremony in a blooming meadow or a forest, the field of possibilities is infinite to create together the symbolic ceremony that mirrors your story.

        The role of the ceremony celebrant

        Being a celebrant for a symbolic ceremony is a great honour.

        As a celebrant, I will assist in creating the ceremony of your dreams and ensure the smooth running of events on the wedding day. To design an unforgettable moment, filled with good energy and emotions, I have created a bespoke ceremony package, with the help of my team of amazing wedding vendors:

        1. It all begins by a one-to-one session with each spouse so you can tell me your story in your own way! Other preparatory meetings will later be scheduled to refine your expectations around the ceremony, and to settle the logistical aspect.

        FAQ. Ceremony Celebrant

        What is a symbolic ceremony ?

        Why have a celebrant ?

        How do you manage the planning and the ceremony on a same event ?

        Do you offer advice packages ?

        Do you handle music and decoration ?

        Good question ! Here in France we tend to call it a ‘secular ceremony’ as it is not about law nor religion but I prefer the terms ‘symbolic ceremony’ or ‘engagement ceremony’ as it better highlight the idea that lies behind it: a time of engagement, a solemn vow that you make to each other. Furthermore I am happy to include a religious touch if the couple and the families desire. Wether it is a religious text or a traditional ritual they wish to include in the ceremony. There are as many ways to officiate as there are celebrants. Some people hold on to secularism while others have a very spiritual approach. It is s up to you to find the right celebrant for you. This ceremony is not legally binding.