Giacomelli Weddings plans weddings in France and weddings in Italy for international couple

Elopements and Micro-Weddings

couple elopement in Marseilles

Elopements and Micro-Weddings: The New Norm of Intimate Celebrations Bonjour Joyful Lovers! In a world that often rushes us through milestones and where experience are the new luxury, there is a quiet but glorious shift towards the intimate and the meaningful. Intimate weddings, from elopements to micro-weddings, are leading this revolution, offering a charming blend […]

How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Tips on how to select the perfect wedding venue

Tips to choose The Perfect Wedding Venue for your celebration ! Oh, la la, are you ready to pick the setting of your dream wedding? France is practically bursting with fabulous venues! From vineyards that speak to your soul to châteaux straight out of a fairy tale, there’s a backdrop here for every love story. We […]

Getting Married in Italy

villa gamberaia an italian wedding venue for a destination wedding in italy

Getting Married in Italy: A Comprehensive Guide to Destination Weddings in Italy with Giacomelli Weddings Getting married in Italy offers many possibilities. You can choose to have a legally binding ceremony, a religious wedding or even a symbolic celebration. Experience the Dolce Vita lifestyle in the dream destinations Italy has to offer: the romantic shores […]

Getting married in France

getting married in France, beautiful provence tree alley destination wedding in Provence

Getting Married in France: A Comprehensive Guide to Destination Weddings in France with Giacomelli Weddings Getting married in France is like stepping into a watercolor painting where the hues of love and joy are vividly splashed across a canvas of timeless beauty. France beckons with its assortment of landscapes. Think vineyard-studded Burgundy, sun-drenched Riviera, and […]