Giacomelli Weddings plans weddings in France and weddings in Italy for international couple


Bonjour and Welcome,
I am Marie-Laure Giacomelli, your personal curator of elegant, authentic wedding experiences. Picture me as a dreamy adventurer with a spirit enriched by French sophistication and Italian warmth, truly a harmonious blend of romance's finest offerings. When I craft your unforgettable celebration, rest assured it is stirred by this unique cultural fusion and infused with your own essence. The result? Not merely an event, but an ineffable moment as timeless as it is deeply personal.
A Romantic Wedding in Provence with couple smiling during their symbolic ceremony in France
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Our Expertise

The driving force behind Giacomelli Weddings, Marie-Laure crafts unforgettable experiences where love stories transition from dreams to indelible memories.

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Our Guiding Philosophy

At Giacomelli Weddings, we regard your wedding as a milestone that captures the essence of your shared journey. It’s a joyous moment that ought to echo the love, respect, and dreams that bind you together. Our devotion to this philosophy propels us to deliver nothing less than extraordinary.

Who Our Clients Are

My services are crafted for the cosmopolitan couples who appreciate the finer aspects of life and love. These are individuals who seamlessly blend professional ambition with a sense of familial and personal harmony. Their international mindset dovetails perfectly with our commitment to creating unique celebrations that transcend geographical and cultural borders.


With a background in luxury event planning, I’ve learned the value of personal touch. Your love story is unique—filled with shared moments that are all your own. I strive to bring these special elements into your wedding day, making it a celebration that truly reflects you as a couple.

Rooted in Core Values

My approach to wedding planning is more than a vocation; it’s a calling nurtured by my values: justice, fairness, and authenticity. I put great stock in trust and respect, always working to ensure your special day is not just planned but profoundly felt.

"Transforming your love story into an everlasting experience is my life's joy and purpose."

Marie-Laure Giacomelli

In the whirlwind of emotions, to-do lists, and dreamy Pinterest boards, it’s easy to forget what weddings are truly about: two souls united by an unbreakable bond. This belief is my guiding star, leading me to weave your love story into every thread of your wedding experience. With a keen sense of authenticity, and a dash of French and Italian flair, I aim to create more than just a memorable event; I strive for an eternal experience, unforgettable in the same way love first touched your hearts. It’s not just about the ‘I do’; it’s about every look, touch, and unspoken promise that brought you there.


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In France, the sublime art of hospitality — ‘l’art de recevoir’ — meets a culture steeped in love and romance. Here, every ‘oui’ and ‘je t’aime’ resonates with meaning. Fluent in both French and English, I serve as your trusted translator and coordinator, ensuring your celebration unfolds with the grace and finesse of a timeless symphony.


Where better to toast ‘la dolce vita’ than in Italy’s enchanting landscapes, a tapestry of sea, sky, and vineyard? Speaking Italian just as comfortably as French and English, I will happily help you navigate the rich and charming intricacies of Italian culture. Your dream of an Italian wedding is just a ‘Ciao Bella’ away.

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